What's Up with Anirudh's Aaakko ?

The film posters of Aakko featuring Anirudh has created quite a buzz that the young composer is making his acting debut in the film. But unfortunately that buzz is only partially right has Anirudh will only doing a cameo role in the movie and not as the lead.
A source close to the film makers adds "Actually, director Shyam approached Anirudh to cast him in the lead role. He also listened to the script and liked it, but as he has no plans to act in films for now, Anirudh politely said 'no' to the offer. But, as he was impressed with the story, he voluntarily came forward to score the music for the film."
The Director of the movie Shyam also confirmed that "We are also planning a promotional song for the film, which will feature him (Anirudh)." The Director also revealed that the title Aakko actually meant 'Aarva Kolaaru'  over enthusiastic youngsters. The film revolves around three enthusiastic youngsters played by Geethan Britto, Arjun and Swaminathan.


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